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February 2018

Kama Sutra The Position of Equals Day 24

The Position of Equals It is the man who should position the woman's legs once she is seated astride his lap.  The woman can grasp her man's waist with her legs by locking them together behind his back. For Him As your woman leans back she can use her buttock and thigh muscles to set [...]

Kama Sutra Accomplishing Position Day 23

Accomplishing Position Leaning back on one hand for support and balance, the woman keeps one of her legs lifted while making love. For Her This face-to-face position can be tender and loving as you can kiss your man and show affection. For Him This s a warm, friendly embrace with pleasing sensations, but you have [...]

January 2018

Kama Sutra The Lotus Position Day 22

The Lotus Position It calls for quite a lot of male strength since the man will need to use his arms to help his woman move up and down on his penis.  She sits on his knee, carefully lowering herself on to his penis, then extends her legs out behind him. For Him If lifting [...]

Kama Sutra The Supported Congress Day 21

The Supported Congress You can achieve this position by leaning against a wall or into one another. For Him This is an exciting position for you...  Because you are supported by the wall or braced against your woman, you can  thrust freely and passionately. For Her Lift your thigh up against your man's to achieve [...]

Kama Sutra The Suspended Congress Day 20

The Suspended Congress The man leans against a wall and lifts the woman up by locking his hands underneath her buttocks or holding her thighs.  The woman needs to grip her man with her legs, as if riding a horse, and may need to facilitate his moves of thrusting forwards and backwards. For Her If [...]

Kama Sutra The Swing Position Day 19

The Swing Position This is a very simple uncomplicated position.  The woman sits with her back to the man and swings backwards and forwards by bending her elbows up and down. For Him The swinging movement of your woman across the head of your penis are especially sensual for you.  She will need to learn [...]

Keeping yourself safe

Hi Guys I feel like it is time to get a little personal again and share a little about our last experiences.... We have had a few interesting ones and learned some new lessons again!  I wouldn't use the words bad experiences but rather informative one's.  Look for me there is always a little nervousness [...]

Kama Sutra The Top Position Day 18

The Top This is seriously dangerous and is presumably included in the Kama Sutra as a joke.  My advice is to steer clear of it.  According to Vatsyayana, the movement requires some dexterity (that's putting it mildly) and is achieved only with practice.  While sitting astride her partner, the woman raises her legs clear of [...]

Kama Sutra The Pair of Tongs Day 17

The Pair of Tongs With her knees bent, the woman faces her man as she sits astride him while he lies down.  She draws his penis into her and repeatedly squeezes it with the muscles of her vagina, holding it tight for a long time.  Penetration in this position is deep. For Her By sitting [...]

Kama Sutra Mare’s Position Day 16

Mare's Position Contrary to its name, the Mare's Position is not one of Vatsyayana's animal inspired postures, but describes instead the maternal side of lovemaking, where the female takes care of the male.  It is more a technique than a position, in which the woman uses her vaginal muscles to squeeze the penis repeatedly, as [...]